a Christian business and ministry devoted to encouraging you, sisters in Christ, to walk by faith; and equipping you with the support and resources needed to live well, steward well and set your minds on eternity.

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"I was able to address the reasons why I'd become misaligned. I was able to identify and create a daily routine that I can follow. I saw improvements in my sleep and productivity.

The value was finding signs of when I am becoming misaligned and ways to get back to alignment before reaching burn out."

- Brittani, Business Owner and PhD Candidate

Hi, I'm Erika!

As a young adult, I was far from the Lord and walking in the ways of the world. I believed what others said about me, even if those things were ugly and based on lies. As a result, I lacked a serious sense of purpose and was on [what seemed like a forever] journey to "find myself." I found temporary fulfillment in accolades, accomplishments, people and substances; and fell into New Age practices and beliefs. On top of that, the constant pursuit of validation led to burnout and seasons when I struggled with depression, overwhelm, anxiety and crippling stress. I survived a suicide attempt as a teen, but struggled with those thoughts for years after and fell into cycles of substance abuse.

Then, I was saved.

I spent nearly eight years in the fitness and weight-loss industry, serving high-performing women in corporate leadership; women who were burnt out and, ultimately, lost their own sense of purpose. I could see that weight loss wasn't the real issue; the issues were deeper and required a different skill set. So, I received life coaching training and began working with women to better steward their time, energy and efforts. After nearly a decade of helping women navigate anxiety and reconnect with purpose, I decided to created a DIY version of my year-long coaching program...which I've broken up into several courses.

What I offer now is a step-by-step, do-it-yourself (and at your own pace) program that you can work through and revisit over and over. These rinse and repeat methods, milestone checks and mindset resets are Biblical (no new age stuff here!), tangible and transformational.


I'm confident that the gifts God gave me will help you to better steward the gifts He gave you. I pray the Lord uses me to bless you. I can't wait to be your on-demand coach!